Theory Advanced: a new topic

theory advancedTime to start a new topic: ‘Theory Advanced’!

In our Theory Basic topic we discussed the basics of rock guitar theory. Center of that topic was the so called Basic Scale and its seven modes, from which modes seven harmonizations, or chords, derive. In this new Theory Advanced topic we’ll take it a step further, or maybe we should say ‘a step to the right, or to the left’, because things are not getting more complicated. We’ll just touch different grounds.

The technique stays the same in essence: We’ll discuss a scale, see what modes and chords (could) derive from those and how they are used in rock music. Or, we should say: how they could be used in rock music, because things are going to smell a bit jazzy here and lots of the things we’ll discuss here are not used very often in rock music.

We’re not musical professors neither jazz musicians, so we keep looking through rock musicians eyes. We like to keep things as simple as possible and just give you tools to create your own musical ideas.

We’ll group the various chapters in this topic under the label ‘Theory Advanced‘ of our menu. And of course an overview is maintained under the label ‘Topics / Categories‘ of our menu. So it’s easy to keep track.

The first chapter will be published in a few days…

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